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With Smart Braces Ludhiana, you have not only visited the best dentist in Ludhiana but also visited a trusted professional who will give you the best dental services. The clinic is under the guidance of Dr. Ajit Jaiswal who is proficient enough in catering to the needs of the patients. The clinic environment I healthy.

Who We Are

Since its inception in 2014, the Dental and Orthodontic Centre has been led by esteemed Dr. Ajit Jaiswal. The clinic is in the heart of Ludhiana's Model Town and is well-connected by public transportation. Patients from all over the world have praised the clinic for its state-of-the-art facilities and cleanliness, hygienic atmosphere, and above all professional services and care. Smart Braces is fast establishing itself as the go-to resource for all things dental.

Dr. Ajit's Smart Brace are a cutting-edge orthodontic and multi-specialty dental clinic. Dr. Ajit Jaiswal (Ex-Associate Professor & Head, Department of Orthodontics, Cristian Dental College, CMC, Ludhiana), a dedicated and accomplished orthodontist, leads a team of specialists who offer the best orthodontic and dental treatment to patients. The center is well-equipped with cutting-edge dental technology and modern facilities. and Dr. Ajit's Smart Braces team will help you boost your self-image and esteem, and by perfecting one of your most precious assets - "Your SMILE" - in our new spacious, luxurious clinic. Any patient who visits the clinic will receive excellent dental treatment because the clinic is equipped with the right combination of professionals, technology, and procedures. We still use the most up-to-date equipment and technology, as well as adhere to strict hygiene guidelines.