• Clieft Patient

    Dental complications are common in children with a cleft lip and palate. Small teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth (called supernumerary teeth), and teeth that are out of place are examples of these. Get the best treatment of cleft with us

  • Cross Bite

    We strive to provide finest treatment for cross bite. Crossbite is a situation where top teeth and bottom teeth do not come closer in right position. We offer various treatment options for crossbite.

  • Crowding

    Crowding happens when there isn't enough space in the jaws for all of the teeth to fit comfortably. This tight teeth location is known as crowding. We deal with crowding in adequate way and ensure you a healthy treatment.

  • Open Bite

    Open bite is a rare form of teeth problem. In this case, the upper teeth and lower teeth don’t make the mouth close and teeth slant outwards. We meticulously deal with this problem and give you right solution.

  • Proclination

    To achieve a natural interincisal angle and reduce lip incompetency, severely proclined anterior teeth involve some treatments that our proficient doctor will give you.

  • Spacing

    Teeth spacing is a disorder in which wide differences exist between the anterior (front) teeth. We at Smart Braces treat the problem carefully and offer you right treatment.